Physical Training

Physical Training

places high demands on the strength training of players, their speed limits and other aspects. In this regard, it is important to have good physical training.

Physical training is a complex of measures aimed at general and versatile development of the body, improvement of physical qualities of an athlete. The high requirements that mini-football places on the players are explained by its peculiarities.

This kind of sport is characterized by an intensive pace with which the game is played. In addition, during the match, players have to make many times to accelerate and instantly start from the ground, enter into combat with rivals and strike the ball, making significant efforts.

The order of physical exercises and their nature are constantly changing depending on the level of preparedness of the athlete, the goals of the training process and the stage of work. As the player’s qualification grows, the approach to physical activity is adjusted, and the tools and methods used during training are replaced.

In this case, regardless of the level of training of the athlete, the intensity of training is always high. In the case of mini-football, the goal of the players’ work on themselves is to improve their skills. Physical training can be of two types: general and special.

The general physical training (GFT) provides performance of the certain programs providing all-round and harmonious development of physical form of sportsmen. Its main task is to increase the performance of players and improve their functional capabilities.

The GFT is a base which allows to carry out further special preparation of sportsmen. It allows to achieve the set results in the future. The GFT is carried out with the use of a wide range of exercises aimed at the general development of the body and its physical capabilities. This list includes aerobics, track and field athletics, gymnastics, exercise equipment and other bodybuilding activities.

AFP instruments restore and increase the efficiency of internal organs and systems. General development exercises strengthen the heart and vessels, activate metabolism and improve the respiratory function of the athlete.

The nature of the effects of a GFC determines which parts of the body are targeted for exercise. But if it is only about mini-football, it is necessary to improve the specific physical qualities that are in demand in this sport.

At the same time, general physical training is a mandatory subject in universities. It is aimed primarily at improving the health of students and increasing the efficiency of educational work.

The quality of general physical training in universities is assessed by a special test developed by K. Cooper. It is conducted within 12 minutes and provides for the division of results by sex. Two tests are presented in the form of tables below to assess the level of general physical fitness.

It is important to note that the above indicators assess the capabilities of the average student. Those young people who have chosen mini-football should show the best results.

Otherwise, the effectiveness of their game will be inferior to that of their opponent. In order to achieve high results in mini-football, in addition to general physical fitness, it is important to perform special exercises that are aimed at improving the qualities of an athlete in demand in this particular sport.

Special physical training (SFP) is a set of activities designed to develop special physical skills that meet the requirements of a particular sport.

In the case of mini-football, this is a concept that the TFT is designed to increase the effectiveness of ball handling and improve tactical thinking. Special physical training is based on competitive and special exercises that improve the motor skills inherent in this sport.

This set of exercises allows you to improve the technique of players and develop their special physical qualities.

The GFT and TFT are two interrelated sets of exercises, which also complement each other. For the growth of sports skills of players in mini-football it is necessary to improve their endurance, speed, agility, strength and flexibility.

In addition, a high level of physical fitness also ensures that players are confident in their own abilities, which means that athletes put more effort into achieving results during the competition.

After the complex, don’t forget to pull your muscles. With this material we start the cycle with approximate plans for general physical training for those who have decided on the specialization.